Upgrade your natural value with MAEMA

We are a leading Italian Company specialized in the manufacturing of machine dealing
with the surface finishing of marble, granite, natural stone and concrete .

We project high quality plants according to the most innovative technology researches
reaching high quality and safety standards.

We like to establish a real partnership with our clients that we like to accompany for the entire machine life
with our technical support, training and upgrades thanks to our high-specialized team of technicians.

Exclusive surfaces

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Surfaces that become objects

Despite the Maema’s focus is on the surface, shape and dimensions of the componet to be treated are important as well. At the same time the overwiev of the final realization emphasizes the value of the job done.
MEMA new prospectives

The Italian Way: customization & care

How can a small but very enterprising company be the right solution for your innovation needs?

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& Experience

The Maema’s solutions are realized based on the long experince of its team but trying to introduce at the same time innovations capable to increase the range of possible surface finishing obtenible, considering kind of materials, shape and dimension.

MAEMA in the world

MAEMA in the world