How to get the maximum from your process

Optimization of the working conditions

Trough the use of inverters on all the rotation spindles and by the possibility to use a wide range of regolation for the speed of the conveyors, it always possible to find the best compromise in between quality of the surface and consumption (either for tools than for gas, water, power). Every set-up of parameters can be recorded as a specific recipe (either in case of PLC or CNC control system) and recall if needed.


Technical support
during the start up

A team of experienced technicians is always available togheter with a large set of different technical options (such as different tools, different nozzles for gas and water) in order to allow to reach the best final result.

MAEMA’s user interface

Thanks to a customized user interface the production datas can always been exported to allow an immediate controll as well as a sucessive detailed analysys.