Technology & Experience

The Maema’s solutions are realized based on the long experience of its team but trying to introduce at the same time innovations capable to increase the range of possible surface finishing obtenible, considering kind of materials, shape and dimension.


Fire mean tradition, tradition mean experience; one of the fondamental elements used from the beginning of the story of the natural stone treatment. Quality other than optimization of the gas and oxygen consumption and control of the  termal deformation are our challenge. Production capacity without preecdents, total absence of deformation and damages working on few mm thickness are our today results.

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Riproduci video


Another fondamental elements introduced to innovate the natural stone treatment. Versability and cost effectivity in between our challenges. Production capacity and the total lacking of any limit about hardeness (or softeness) of the stone to treat; change the rules of the game removing any limit to the  possibilities to the customer’s inventivess are our proud result!


With the experience acquired in years and with the innovation bringhed with new materials, the improving of the technology relative to the applications of mechnanical tools (where the tools are at contact with the stone) has never stop and now machines are faster more cost effective and more user friendly and envairomental friendly. They still represent the most convenient and rapid way to accede to the surface finishing in teh condition characterized by low or medium production foreseen.

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