Flexibility - Multipurpose machines

Solutions realized to be always capable to adapt to daily changes in the production.

Shape and dimension of the elements to be treated

Thanks to the capacity to adapt to a wide range of different shapes and dimensions, our slutions can really help the customer to answer to the market demand. Some technical solutions, such as some Patented clamping fixture with the ability to self adapt to the dimensions of the different componets, can drastically reduce change-over time optimizing the machiene capacity.
Riproduci video
Riproduci video

Possibility to work in dry or wet conditions

The possibility to operate in dry or wet envairoment, chosing case by case the most appropriate conditions, allow to satisfy specific working requirements. Sometimes typology of tools, working conditions, or the process itself (including for istance operations that must be done before or after our machines, such as impregnation or packaging) make necessary the absence (or anyway the removal) of dust, steam, water or heat; the attention to thse aspects is always keept in very hight consideration inside our solutions.

Wide range of different surfaces available on the same machines

Considering the variables of the market nobody can expect to get a clear picture of what will be the needs of the marke on the medium-long term and for that reasons solutions realized to be really flexible also from the point of view of the different finishing that can be obtained it is nowaday crucial. Most of our machines can offer 2, 3 or more finishing or textures just changing type of tools and sometimes (as what happen with the recent solutions developed with the water technolgy) just changing the program.

Friendly control systems

Thanks to the ultimate generation of control systems and the customized user interface always on PC base, the operators have the full controll of all the machine functions sometimes just with a touch.
Messages and comand described always in the customer’s language (other than the option to ask the help of the maema’s technicians trough a remote connections) makes always the operators confident.

On line reading systems

By the use of hight definitions camera for the taken of the zero point as well as with the use of mechanical scanner systems, the daily variations on the production (as far as shape and size within the same production lot) can be handle without any inconvenience and with the full controll.
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