About us

How can a small but very enterprising company be the right solution for your innovation needs?

Out history, our knowledge

We are a leading Italian Company specialized in the manufacturing of machine dealing
with the surface finishing of marble, granite, natural stone and concrete .

We project high quality plants according to the most innovative technology researches
reaching high quality and safety standards.

We like to establish a real partnership with our clients that we like to accompany for the entire machine life
with our technical support, training and upgrades thanks to our high-specialized team of technicians.

MAEMA was founded in June 2004 and to date, Maema already has more than 180 different machines and plants, installed in Italy and around the world and thanks to the flexibility and availability of its staff is able to provide assistance quickly and effectively.

Our values

MAEMA consider flexibility and open mind approach as the essential conditions to help the customer in achieving desired results.
A carefull design and a friendly and open collaboration in all the phases of the project
can turn every challenge even the most complicate in a common success.

Our vision

MAEMA strongly believe that through the innovation and the technical development can be offered always new and more effective solutions. Only by the experience the traditional processes can be developed to become more attractive and innovative. Only by the reserch of new solutions we can develope always surprising solutions.

Our Mission

MAEMA aim is to innovate the traditional concepts of flaming, bush-hammering, sandblasting and water flaming, creating systems always original and innovative, designed, developed and produced on the real needs of the customer, both in terms of productivity and costs.

MAEMA in the world

MAEMA in the world