The Italian Way: customization & care

How can a small but very enterprising company be the right solution for your innovation needs?

The Italian Way testng

TESTING with client

Try to imagine the beauty below the skin, share a path, achieve a common goal. Make testing together with our clients on their product is the right way design our common successful future.


Customized design

Trough the combinations of different machines it’s possible to get different finishing from the same line as well as combine different finishing.

A line is therefore a set of machines, devices, equipments, in one word “solution”, able to offer the versatility, flexibility and productivity necessary to the increasingly stringent demands of the market.

Based on our experience we are able to realize the lay-out designed according to the specific needs in order to optimize:

  • The quality and variety of different finishes obtainable on the basis of the different types of material
  • Accessibility, ergonomics and safety of the plants based on the availability of existing space
  • Loading and unloading of the components with a level of automation on the basis of customer requirements
  • The integration of any existing machines if appropriate to the overall needs


MAEMA know very well that only by the realization of a real partnership the common targets can be achieve.

Partnership for us mean:
TECNICAL SUPPORT: continuos developing of solution to support and improve the capacity of our customers.

TRAINING: drive our customer in order to use and maintain the machines in the best way possible.

REMOTE ASSISTENCE: taking advantage of the continuosly improving possibility given by the net connections, folow the machines much forther the istallation time not only for the trouble shoting but for a continuos update.